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  • Absence Reporting System | Personal Absence Request (Email Shelley)

    • Leave taken at an employee’s discretion that can be scheduled in advance is considered discretionary leave. An employee wishing to take discretionary personal leave must submit a request 48 hours in advance of the anticipated absence to his or her supervisor or designee. Discretionary personal leave will be subject to the availability of substitutes, and consideration of the educational impact on the campus/department, and the ongoing responsibilities of the job. Failure to receive approval prior to taking leave for discretionary absences may result in denial of the request and subsequent loss of pay.

Discretionary leave for campus employees may not be granted on the following days:

    • Days stipulated in the school calendar as professional, staff development, or workdays.

    • Days and evenings set aside for open house and other special activities.

    • The first and last ten student days of the school year.

    • The three days immediately preceding or following school holidays.

    • Days scheduled for end-of-semester and end-of year exams.

    • Days scheduled for state tests and profile tests.